As with all jobs completed by RC Drilling, environmental drilling jobs are completed with knowledge acquired by numerous years of prior experience. This prior experience allows our company to provide the client with excellent service. Our jobs are completed with minimizing cost and maximizing efficiency as two of the main focuses. We also strive to provide customers with clean, accurate samples of the soil and water through our environmental drilling. We also provide customers with accurate representations of the formation and characteristics of soil and bedrock through our geotechnical drilling. RC Drilling realizes the importance of these environmental and geotechnical drilling which is why we provide clients with high quality samples and consistently complete jobs on schedule. RC Drilling can provide a number of services in the area of environmental drilling including: 

Setting piezometers

Piezometers can provide a multitude of varying, important information such as measurements of liquid pressure and groundwater movements. We are aware of the importance of drilling precise holes to ensure accurate measurements and our years of experience help us to dependably accomplish this. 

Situating thermistors 

Thermistors can be defined as an electrical probe that measures profiles of temperature in the ground. Accurate readings can provide very useful information.

Packer testing

Packer testing provides water quality samples. They can show the vertical distribution of water quality and also passageways for water and contaminants.

Monitoring wells

Monitoring wells must be executed correctly to provide accurate samples which can reveal the conditions of ground water.


All of these services are completed with the aim to provide the customer with complete satisfaction. RC Drilling is able to provide a variety of environmental drilling services and possess the supplies needed to install the instruments required. We also have a focus on environmental awareness and execute all jobs with this focus in mind. Providing high quality work with low environmental impact is extremely important to our company.