With 27 years of experience in mineral exploration, RC Drilling has acquired the knowledge and skills to complete conventional and RC drilling jobs effectively and efficiently. This method of drilling is faster and more cost effective with the same results as other methods. We pride ourselves in producing the highest quality work in the least amount of time. We work hard to ensure that although our time spent at each jobsite is kept to a minimum, it is not reflected in the quality of our work. We also work at maintaining an excellent track record of safe work conditions and risk management to ensure injuries do not happen. RC Drilling conducts each job with a level of professionalism and proficiency to ensure satisfied clientele who often seek RC Drilling’s services again and again.


What makes us different than other companies? 

A number of features allow RC Drilling to stand out amongst competitors:

Self-contained unit (Onboard compressor and rods)

A self-contained unit creates a minimized need for cat support and allows for increased swiftness at job sites.  This unit allows for jobs to be completed at a faster rate and increases efficiency at each job we complete.

Parts trailer on site

Having a parts trailer readily available reduces downtime by providing fast and easy access to parts required for each job and for use with our rotary drills. An onsite parts trailer makes it much simpler to move through jobs at a faster rate.

Smaller drill pads

RC Drilling takes preventative measures in decreasing environmental damage including the use of smaller drill pads. Environmental awareness and protection is a key component of each job completed by RC Drilling.

For the reasons listed above, and many more, we maintain that any drilling services we deliver will provide every client with the results that are expecting and more.