RC Drilling has acquired extensive experience in all types of overburden drilling through many years of involvement in the industry. By repeatedly providing our clients with high quality work in minimized time, we have proudly maintained an excellent track record of getting through many kinds of overburden. We also have experience setting 4” casing for diamond drills. While completing any drilling job, we have a focus on client satisfaction as well as safety and environmental awareness. 


The ODEX Method

We utilize the effective and efficient ODEX method. This method has numerous positive features including its efficiency at removing cuttings and the increased ease of sampling soil and groundwater when drilling. This method allows does require drilling mud to be used. The ODEX method has an impressive penetration rate. This includes during drilling through resistant areas and areas where there is an increased risk of caving. The ODEX method is also a good method for doing overburden sampling. This casing advancer system is used to set:

Welded casing

Welded casing is a more cost effective and readily available choice.


Threaded casing

Threading casing is used because of its capability to increase the speed of installing and removing casing during the drilling process.