RC Drilling is outfitted with the equipment and knowledge to perform large and small core drilling and obtain bulk samples. Similar to all services we complete, we strive to provide all of our clients with great satisfaction while also providing minimized expenditures. We aim to complete all jobs efficiently and effectively while prioritizing safety and environmental awareness. We have extensive years of experience in completing the following: 

Retrieving a 6” core

RC Drilling has proven track record of having an excellent recovery on a 6” core. Years of experience and increased knowledge has allowed for this to be possible. 

Retrieving an HQ core

An HQ core is one that has an approximately 96mm hole diameter and a 63.5mm core diameter. Experience in retrieving an HQ core has allowed for a successful retrieval with each job that we complete. 
Utilizing air core drilling, we strive to provide high-quality work for the best cost. The air core drilling method increases cost effectiveness by eliminating the need to core the entire hole. This method is conducted by hammering, instead of coring, through the ground until the target is reached. Once the target has been reached through hammering, then only the target is cored.


Benefits of Choosing RC Drilling

While obtaining small and large core samples, a number of benefits are offered through this method and through RC Drilling including:
•    Uses more air than water meaning no water truck or water lines – streamlining the drilling process
•    Excellent recovery on 6’ core 
•    Self-contained drill – increasing efficiency at the job site
•    Less environmental impact which is extremely important to our company
•    Minimized requirement of CAT use because of the self-contained drill